Magento Extension Development: A Classic way to manage Web Store

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Published: 01st February 2012
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Magento is the online store development platform blended with novelty and creativity. It is known for its originality and practicability. Its flexibility paves way for the easy development of Magento Extensions. Such extensions and modules aid in making your website potent and influential. Magento Extension development facilitates the inclusion of multiple functions to your e-Commerce store right from the product display modules to the final payment modules. Magento Extension development enhances the functionalities of your online store as well as upgrades your e-Commerce store management methodically. There are many paid and free extensions and it is the choice and the business requirements of the store owner that decides the type of Magento Extension development to choose. In what ways Magento Extension development can manage your web store classically? Let us have a look at it.

Magento extension for perfect Web Managing Shipping: Shipping is one of the major functions of a store operating online. A proper shipping method instills trust and faith in the customer and only a good shipping method can ensure promising payment by the customer in case of cash on delivery. There are many extensions in Magento that support the task of Shipping. The notable among them are Drop Shipping Management, Royal Mail Domestic and International Shipping and Tweakmag Shipping (TMS). These extensions generally help in calculating the shipping costs to different destinations through diverse shipping methods and the estimated time for delivery.

Magento Easy Lightbox: Magento Easylightbox is absolutely a free extension that supports in enhancing the functionality and emergence of your web store. This extension displays your product image as a Lightbox. Installing and configuring this extension requires not more than 5 minutes of your time and an appeasing information is that it does not require any codes for installation or prior experience in coding.

Track transaction history: Tracking the history of the transactions benefits the store owners in a number of ways. This record helps them to analyze the products that are frequently purchased and those products that are sold less. To maintain the required stock, to market the low sales items and many more functions of the store are supported by the transaction history details. The Points & Rewards extension aids in tracking the transactions history precisely in the customers’ vicinity. This extension also helps in rewarding your customers for their behavior by giving them reward points for their transactions.

Easy to use and install: Generally, Magento Extensions are easy to install and easy to use. Most of the extensions just take 5 minutes for installation and are extremely simple to use even without any prior coding experience. With the help of such functional extensions, you can make your Shopping cart site attractive and appealing to your visitors.

Supports multiple stores: Magento has inbuilt wonders that help in creating multiple stores. A onetime installation of Magento supports you in running multiple stores with different IPs, different Security certificate and different domain names. You also have the option to set up distinct checkout for each and every store. Magento Extension development makes it exceedingly easy for building many new stores and still controlling all those stores from a single backend operation. This is not painful like creating stores with other e-Commerce software like X-Cart, osCommerce, Miva and Zen Cart.

With all these far-fetched uses, Magento Extension development is the classic way to manage your web store undoubtedly.

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