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Published: 08th August 2012
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Mobile application developers are the most wanted professionals all over the world with the rising demand in the mobile app development industry and the smartphone market. Many recent studies have proved that the mobile apps development sector had enormous opportunities for job seekers. The order of demand follows this sequence, iPhone app developers, Android app developers and Windows mobile app developers. Being the hottest job in the cosmos, expert mobile app developers are expected to possess certain mobile app development skills that are in high demand along with the unique skills of creativeness and originality in each of their apps.

Java: Java is considered as an exceptional platform for developing applications for Android based mobile gadgets and this is considered as the key strength of Android platform. It can be defined as a string of patterns and software products presenting an integrated system for software application development in multiple platforms. Proficiency in Java is regarded as a must for Android app development professionals as the application programming for mobile devices supported by Android are initially done in Java. This programming language is independent of every platform. In this competitive era, mobile app developers are expected to posses the knowledge about J2ME along with

Java. J2ME is a micro edition of the Java platform, which is exclusively created for entrenched systems like mobile phones and can work in all types of phones with an all-embracing range of applications.

Objective C: Objective C overtook C++ in the recent times where it was reported as the most popular programming languages in today’s scenario. All this credit should be given to Apple which has taken up Objective C as the language of Mac OS X and iOS. This programming language supports the rich user interface and other outstanding features of iPhone. With all the benefits of Java and the resolute resource release of C++ with the help of ARC (Automatic Reference Counting), the portability, simplicity of source codes, improved performance, standard system, fundamental support for key components and native integration makes it more vital than an ordinary language. Mobile app developers for iPhone are expected to have good command over writing objective C program code from the scrape, proficient in numerous frameworks essential for development and possess the potential to employ the accessible APIs.

HTML5: HTML5 knowledge is considered important as several mobile and web browsers have HTML5 capabilities. It highly supports in creating basic applications and is the base in the most celebrated cross-platform mobile app development tool known as Sencha Touch. Adeptness in HTML5 is trusted to help in developing coherent mobile apps and bridge the gap between mobile and desktop environment. The greatest advantage of using HTML5 for app development is that it is portable across many browsers on numerous devices.

Silverlight: Microsoft Silverlight is known for its compatibility with multiple browsers, operating systems and other mobile devices. This application is in great demand as it provides high quality video and presents total control over rich media content with inbuilt animation, graphical features and multimedia. It is trusted as a powerful tool for mobile app development for its ability to create highly interactive and user-engaging mobile applications.

Any adroit mobile app developer with these trending mobile app development skills cannot escape the glare of publicity.

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